4 Most Common Roofing Problems

A small roofing problem can quickly turn into an expensive home issue if you’re neglecting your roof.

No matter the issue, roofing problems always have the potential to become detrimental. Make sure you are protecting your home from these common roofing problems:

Roof Leaks and Moisture

One of the most expensive and harmful forms of damage your roof and home can face is water damage. In Ohio, heavy spring, summer and fall downpours can ruin a compromised roof and damage your home’s structural integrity, leaving behind mold and rot.  To prevent this, visually inspect your roof to make sure flashing is mounted securely, there are no missing shingles and gutters are free from debris.

Insects and Animals

From birds to carpenter ants to mice, critters of all sizes can cause untold damage to a roof. It often starts with small insects that chew through eaves and fascia boards in search of food. Once you have small insects, bigger animals, such as woodpeckers, peck holes along eaves looking for food. Mice and other birds are also attracted by the accessibility of your attic, choosing it as a nesting site. This can attract larger wildlife, like raccoons, that will pull shingles off your roof in a search for a way to get to bird eggs and mice. Clearly, the best strategy is to get rid of the insects at first appearance so your roof doesn’t attract other types or wildlife.


Overhanging tree branches pose the risk of falling and puncturing your roof’s exterior or wearing away the protective top layer of your shingles. To prevent damage, trim back branches away from your roof and remove trees that are close enough to your house that they could fall on it.


Your shingles protect your roof and are an essential part of its performance. Make sure to watch out for discoloring, curling or missing shingles and replace them immediately when you see an issue. Neglecting shingles can leave your home susceptible to rot and leaks.

In conclusion, a lack of roof maintenance in the short term can easily lead to large safety and financial consequences in the long term. Staying on top of problems can help prolong your roof’s lifespan and minimize expenses. If you foresee a problem with your roof, call Enterprise Roofing today at 937-453-3933 for a free consultation. We are built on three generations of trust and are committed to delivering quality roofing work throughout Dayton, Ohio, and the entire Miami Valley.

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