Beware of Melting Snow on Roof

During January snowfall you may wonder what that white icy blanket does to your roof. Read more to learn how to find clues that you have a healthy roof over your head.

Winter months bring frigid weather and shoveling snow, scraping off your car, and putting down salt become part of your every week routine. But what about what all this snowfall does to your roof? When a large snowfall blankets your roof, there are ways to tell if your roof is safe and holding strong. So while you’re outside tackling these winter duties, take a break to look up and see how your roof looks.

When you notice that there are spots on your roof that are melting before the rest, that is a sign that the heat inside of your home is leaking out through the roof. These areas, called hot spots, can be due to a failing roof or poor insulation. It’s essential to preserve the heat in your home when we’re experiencing freezing temperatures. Because snow a roof should melt according to the temperature outside and not inside, you should notice melting on your room at the same rate as your neighbors’ roofs. If you notice the snow melting faster on your roof, you’ll want to reach out to a roofing professional for an inspection.

Here are some reasons why snow could be melting on your roof at an inconsistent rate:

Failing Insulation

• When you have poor insulation, this means the heat from your home is not staying inside. If you notice certain parts of your roof where snow is melting quicker, it is likely a hot spot, so be sure to check out attic insulation under that area.

Missing Shingles

• When you have a missing shingle, not only can water seep into your attic, but it may also release heat, allowing that interior heat to escape through the roof.

Lack of Sealant

• A sealant will protect your home from any unwanted damage due to snow piled on your roof. It also increases the life expectancy of your roof, limiting the ensuring due to weather is limited. Contact a professional roofing expert for more information on your options and the process.

Next time you are shoveling your driveway, take a peek at your roof and take note of the snow melting patterns. No one wants to waste money heating your home if the heat is escaping due to poor insulation, missing shingles, or lack of sealant.  If the melting appears inconsistent, it’s a good idea to reach out to a professional for a consultation.  

Protect the home you live in, especially during the winter months. For a full inspection, contact our experts at Enterprise Roofing. If you need a new or replacement roof, utilize our roof calculator for an estimate. Call us today at 937-240-2206!

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