To Do: Your Summer Home Maintenance List

How to improve your roof and home with just 3 steps

Sweet summertime is in full swing, and it’s time to stop delaying that to-do list!

Our Enterprise Roofing team is passionate about creating safe roofs that protect our customers (and their customers), families and friends. During the summer, we get to check in with you and make the repairs that keep residents comfortable and prevent roofing emergencies.

Step 1: Prepare for Heat

We’re in the swing of summer, but it’s never too late to prepare your roof for the most severe heat we will face all year. During these trying times, many of us have put large projects to the side. Now is time to complete that spring and summer home renovation list you missed out on. Check out our guide for preparing your roof for summer weather and get to work!

Step 2: Keep it Clean

As a homeowner, keeping the inside of your home clean is always on the to-do list – make sure your roof is too! Just by cleaning the outside of the roof, you can increase the lifespan and property value of the roof. Start with these easy tasks:

  1. Remove debris gently with gloves and safety procedures
  2. Clean dark streaks and algae on roof shingles
  3. Remove moss by hosing the roof and gently scraping

Step 3: The Big Projects

Tackle larger projects such as cleaning the chimney, gutter and downspouts, and other tasks that are prime for summer weather, like landscaping and window treatments. For roofing and gutter projects, reach out and request a quote – our team will be happy to help you accomplish the roofing maintenance or replacement items on your summer list.

Final Step: Get a Roof Inspection for Repair

Our team aims to make the roof repair and replacement process easy and enjoyable. From quoting to actually working on your roof, we’re here to support you in taking on this project. Enterprise Roofing is the Dayton area’s most trusted and reliable partner for commercial roofing renovations and repairs. You can find inspiration from our recent projects here. If you are ready for a quote, request one online or give us a call at 937-240-2206.

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