Four Things New Homeowners Need to Know About Roofing

Move into a house where you can rest assured that your roof is safe and secure.

Getting the key to your first home is an exciting experience that comes with a laundry list of concerns and worries. It includes everything  from what color you to paint the walls, to whether or not a major repair is lurking in your future.  The key to getting a good start with your new home is a thorough inspection report that investigates all major components of your home, including your roof. After you get your inspection report back, make sure you cross these things off your roofing checklist:

Understand Warranties

Roof warranties can be transferable to new owners. Not only does this take away the burden of repair and replacement costs, it also adds value to your new home. Make sure to read your policy thoroughly and fully comprehend your deductible and premium so you can be financially prepared in case of an emergency.

Know Your Insurance Policy

Insurance policies can cover most roof damages that result from natural causes, such as storms and hail, but not every day wear and tear that can lead to problems like roof leaks and water damage. Knowing what your insurance policy does, and does not cover, as well as putting money away into an emergency home repair account, is critical for all homeowners.

Ask for Documentation

Having documentation of your roof’s replacements and repairs can help you plan for future replacements and understand insurance claims. For example, too manydamages to your roof can make it difficult to insure. Make sure to ask for these documents so that you fully understand your roof’s history.

Roof Inspection

Sometimes when a house has a steeply pitched roof, home inspectors will only conduct a visual inspection of the roof from a ladder or the ground. In those cases, it’s a good idea to have a professional roof inspector take a look at the roof, too. Having a roofing professional evaluate the roof ensures that you don’t miss minor problems that can lead to larger, more expensive issues down the road. Roofing professionals are also qualified to judge the condition of the roofing material, identify any replacement concerns and detect any inexpensive repairs that may be able to be made before purchasing the house.

Are you looking to buy a new home and need a reliable roof inspector? Call Enterprise Roofing today at 937-453-3933 to schedule a roof inspection or free consultation. We have been serving the Dayton area since 1926 and are experts in roofing choices for Ohio and the Midwest region.

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