Hanging Holiday Lights Safely

Avoiding damage while decorating for the season

Tis the season! Holiday lights have a way of bringing this time of year to life, don’t they? Memories of baking cookies, decorating the tree and driving through your neighborhood while it bursts with holiday spirit never fails to make us feel warm and fuzzy. As a new homeowner, you may be navigating the process of hanging lights for the first time. Don’t worry – with just a few tips, a little bit of experience and following basic safety measures, you’ll soon be hanging lights and decorations like the neighborhood pros.

Make the Light Choice

The first step to safe outdoor lighting is purchasing lights suited for outdoor use. There are many types of lights that fit this category, but the overall winner in most categories are LED lights. While the initial price of LED lights is more expensive than incandescent lights, these benefits surely triumph in the end:

  • LED lights use 90 percent less energy than incandescents
  • LED lights are brighter
  • LED light last 2-3 more seasons
  • LED light are more durable

Hang up the Tape for Hanging Clips

If you’re a ‘Where’s my staple gun?’ or ‘Duct tape works for everything’ kind of decorator … STOP! Put the staple gun and duct tape away. They may be quick somewhat easy, but they can cause significant damage to your gutter, roof, fascia boards and soffits. What should you use instead? Hanging clips. They come in many fashions and can hang off almost any surface – including railing, siding, shingles and gutters. Cast your make-shift tools away, and head to your nearest hardware store to pick up light hanging clips.

Plan of Festive Attack

Now that you have the best lights and the tools to get started, it’s time to dream up a plan. A great way to start is by mapping out how you want the final product to appear. If you have multiple colors or decorations to work with, create a quick sketch of your home with the decorations you have in stock. Then, measure out the strings of light and compare to your home to determine if you have the appropriate length. Lastly, be sure to test all strands of lights before hanging them.

Get to Work

Once you have your plan in place and are ready to hang the lights, make sure you have a sturdy ladder, stepladder or extension pole. Be sure to grab a friend or family member who can assist in handing off light strands and serving as a guide while you hang them. With your plan in hand, carefully begin attaching lights with the hanging clips.

As you begin decorating for the season, you may spot damage on your roof that has gone unnoticed throughout the fall. To avoid a roofing emergency, contact us immediately for help. Give Enterprising Roofing a call to request a quote for your residential or commercial roof.

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