How Can I Make a Roof Renovation Less Disruptive?

Here is how to plan ahead for a smooth renovation

At Enterprise, we work hard to provide a top-notch roof renovation coupled with a great experience for our customers. To do that, we like to make our customers aware of obstacles they may encounter during large projects. While our goal is always to help our customers plan a successful renovation, there are measures that individual homeowners can take to ensure that the process has minimal disruptions. Here are some things to consider before we get to work transforming your home.

Roofer Safety

One of the top concerns for industry employers is the safety factor associated with the roofing industry. Even for a trained professional, there are dangers associated with roofing projects—especially when working on a new home. For this reason, most homeowners steer clear of the DIY repair route.

Homeowner can take steps to help keep their loyal roofing staff safe. Be sure to talk to your contractor prior to arrival and warn them of any unusual structures, skylights and electrical wires on your home. In addition, if you know that the crew will be working under extreme temperatures, ensure they have a safe place to retrieve water and cool off, if needed.

Seasonal Timing

When planning a renovation, thinking ahead is key. According to Roofing Contractor (2018), 77% of roofing contractors projected an increase of sales for the year 2018 and beyond.

It’s best to speak to your roofing contractor as far in advance as possible. By doing so, you can discuss the best and most convenient time frame for you. The sooner you begin to plan your roof renovation, the more time you and your contractor will have to discuss your goals and get the process underway. Avoiding seasons with harsh and unpredictable weather can speed the renovation along and equips you with protection for the coming months.

Well-Timed Vacations

Although we do our best to be discrete in our work, there is no hiding that a roof renovation is noisy and can be a little disruptive. By communicating with your contractor, you can plan events that help you avoid the disruption. If you and your family have small children, planning your summer vacation around the roof renovation can be a great solution. When you start planning with your contractor, you can find out when the best time to get away and avoid the peak noise might be.

Plus, it feels pretty great to skip out on disruptions of a roof renovation and return to a beautifully-updated home.

If you notice that your roof is outdated, or suspect it may be damaged, contact us immediately for an evaluation. Whether it is a small repair or a full renovation, Enterprise takes pride in forming close connections that help us deliver the results you have been dreaming of. Request a quote today!

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