How do I prevent damage to my home?

Here’s how to know whether to repair or replace your roof

In the roofing industry, we spend a lot of time responding to home emergencies, like roofs damaged from downed tree limbs, high winds and hail damage. We never enjoy seeing our customers upset or frustrated about the damage, especially when it could have been avoided. When it comes to your roof, regular maintenance is critical for preserving the quality and life-span of your home, and we have some tips to help you keep your roof and home in tip-top shape.

Regular Checkups

Often comprising the largest amount of exterior surface area on your home, the roof regularly takes the brunt of Mother Nature’s wrath. From stormy summer, windy fall, harsh winter and unpredictable spring – each season puts stress on your roof. Just as regular checkups for your health are important, so too are regular roof evaluations to ensure you won’t be caught by surprise. These checkups allow you to catch small issues before they turn into larger ones. This Old House recommends homeowners schedule annual roof evaluations with a replacement planned for around the 20 year-mark.  

Replace, or Repair?

Replacing a roof is a big, and sometimes scary, financial commitment. Given that replacement is a major home improvement project it’s important to understand all your options. You don’t want to go through a full replacement when a repair will work just as well. By the same token, homeowners want to make sure that they aren’t being penny-wise and pound-foolish by spending money on a temporary repair when a full replacement is warranted.  When deciding whether to repair or replace your roof, consult with your roofing contractor to evaluate the severity, amount of damage and the areas affected. Evaluating all aspects with a professional will help homeowners to make a smart decision from both financial and safety perspectives.

Choose a Trusted Contractor

When making large-scale improvements to your home, you want to be sure you have the right people on your side. Finding a roofing contractor that you have a good relationship with will make you more confident in your decision to either repair or replace your roof. Start your contractor search by asking the questions that matter, such as if they can give you an in-person estimate and is the company licensed, bonded and insured? Write down the things that are important to you in a roofing contractor and start researching,

At Enterprise Roofing, we use our expertise to help our customers make smart decisions. We can help you with annual roof evaluations, repairs or full replacements, and we are a trusted member of the Miami Valley business community. Call us today to schedule your roof evaluation.

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