How to Prepare For An Upcoming Move

What to Do at Each Stage Leading Up to Moving Day

Moving an entire household can feel daunting, but by breaking the task down into smaller steps, the transition to your new home can be much easier. From taking care of essentials like roof inspection and minor household repairs to setting up with a new school and choosing the right approach to moving, these are our tips to help you tackle your move without taking too much time from your daily life. 

When you Decide to Move

If you are selling your home and moving to a new one, take the time to make sure your current residence is ready to sell – and ready to pass inspection. Getting a roof inspection and making any needed repairs will ensure that the closing process isn’t delayed by a problem that’s found during inspection. This is also the time to check your HVAC and other potentially problematic systems.

30-60 Days Out

Interview moving companies and determine how you’ll make your move. According to HGTV, it’s a good idea to declutter your home one to two months out from your move, since there are probably some items you no longer have a use for – getting rid of these now means you won’t have to move them and find space for them later.

This is also the time to get organized; setting up a station with boxes, labeling supplies and packaging materials will help you coordinate your move. Start with the rooms you use less frequently and with the items that you don’t use every day. Pack away your holiday décor now, and prep boxes for the everyday essentials you’ll need up to moving day. That way, you know where they belong when it does come time to pack them.

If you have any minor repairs to do, touchups or projects that are easy to DIY, you can schedule them for this time as well. By packing up items you won’t use until after the move, you clear the way to tackle any needed repairs in empty or nearly empty rooms.

The Month Before You Move

If you have kids, you may need to have school records transferred and provide proof of residency for your new home. Order new address labels and update your accounts and banking to reflect your new address.

Insure any artwork or expensive items for your move and track and record your moving receipts; you may need them at tax time, particularly if you have a long-distance move. Make appointments at the kennel or boarding facility for your pets for the days of your move if possible; you won't have to worry about bringing them to your new home in the chaos of moving. 

The Week Before 

Switch to paper plates and recyclables and start packing your clothing and everyday essentials. You’ll likely want to bring some items with you in your car so you don’t have to do without them if your moving truck is delayed. Pack medications, electronics and legal documents and bring them with you as you head to your new home. If you have these important pieces with you, you won't lose track of them. 

If you've prepared everything, organized your belongings and planned out your first night, your move will go smoothly and you'll be able to swiftly settle into your new home. If you need help getting your own home ready for the transition, we're here for your roofing and inspection needs – we can help you accomplish roof-related tasks early to prevent delays and ensure an easy, hassle-free process.

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