Is my roof in need of emergency repair?

How to determine a roofing emergency

We are all experiencing changes in our daily routines as preventive measures to combat the spread of the coronavirus pandemic. Businesses like Enterprise Roofing are no different. In accordance with the Governor’s recommendations, we have closed our shop for the weeks ahead. Our hope is that we can do our part to help our team, their families and our community remain safe and healthy during this time.

For more than 90 years we have been keeping homes and businesses safe and dry by installing and maintaining strong and reliable roofing systems. We are committed to maintaining that tradition during these difficult times.

Preventing damage is always the best course of action. You can find a few tips here that will help you make a few changes that will minimize the risk of damage to your roof. However, we know you can’t always control when emergencies happen.

We have activated a plan to respond when emergency repairs are needed. We have a crew available should you need. Many of you have asked, what is an emergency repair?

Stefan Neumeister, Director of Special Projects at Enterprise explains it in three easy criteria:

1. If you need to get an estimate first, it is NOT an emergency.

Emergencies are urgent. There is existing damage that exposes your home’s interior to the elements, action is needed. If your need is not an emergency, this could be a good time for planning with our Roof Replacement Calculator.

2. If it will impact your health or immediate comfort, it IS an emergency.

Keeping your family – or your company’s assets – safe and secure is our aim with every roof. If the damage to your roof or siding is putting your family or business at immediate risk, we can help.

3. If you see damage on the inside, send a photo, we can help with the determination of emergency status.

To help us respond with the correct team member, equipment and supplies, be ready to share photos (cell phone shots are okay) so we can evaluate the damage or area of concern. Even if it is not an emergency today, we will stay in contact with you should the situation worsen over time.

We are required to adhere to the Ohio Health Department’s mandates and are dedicated to keeping our team safe. Remember, we are unable to work in crowded conditions or near anyone who is under observation due to exposure to the Coronavirus.

If an emergency arises, call us at 937-453-3933. Scheduling repairs could take 24-72 hours due to the number of calls, health requirements and available manpower. We have made arrangements for our team to answer calls from home, so if the line is busy, or there is no answer, call back after a few minutes. Thank you for your patience and continued support!

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