Enterprise Roofing: A Recap Of Our Favorite Projects

Gaining inspiration from the work of 2019

To kick off 2020, a new year and a new decade, we want to share some of our favorite and most meaningful recent projects. At Enterprise Roofing, our team has had the opportunity to work on so many impactful, creative, difficult and rewarding projects throughout the Miami Valley. Take a stroll down memory lane and get some inspiration for the year ahead!


During this project, we installed new wood shake shingles on the mansard, rejuvenated the existing copper roof with a liquid roof and installed new copper cap and metal trim.. We worked to keep the historic look of the building intact while modernizing and improving the water resistance  of the structure for the next 20 years. Cheers to tradition! 

Taft House Side View Copper Trim
 Taft House Front View Roofline with Copper Accent


This was the second time we’ve had the opportunity to replace the roof of this iconic landmark. Enterprise Roofing worked with the roofing manufacturer, Sarnafil, to install a new roof system using a white PVC membrane to replicate the roof that was replaced. The roof replacement required skillful execution due to the slope and time of the year. We also provided painting services as part of the new refresh. Good as new!

Kettering Government Center Front View PVC MembraneKettering Government Center Side View PVC Membrane


On the National Aviation Center, we removed the existing roof, added a temporary roof and installed a Sarnafil Ribbed PVC that mimics a copper standing seam roof. We re-worked the box gutters and added half-round gutters, snow guards and safety anchors.

Museum remained open while we worked on the roof, and we were able to complete the job with no disturbance to the schedule of the Museum. Our team of 3-4 contractors, who represented multiple trades, worked together to achieve the scope of work needed for the National Park.

National Aviation Center Roof Replacement


This project is near and dear to us. When a disastrous tornado hit Dayton this summer, Enterprise Roofing was dedicated to protecting local neighborhoods. Dayton businesses and residents suffered from the  devastating storms, and we were quick to protect our local community.

We were able to recover and dry out the Colonial Village in under 36 hours of the tornado touching down in Dayton. Thanks to our dedicated team for quick action during a difficult time.

Colonial Village Before Emergency RoofingColonial Village After Emergency Roofing

Feeling motivated to take on renovation projects or start planning for spring? Enterprise Roofing is the Dayton-area’s most trusted and reliable partner for roofing renovations and repairs. If you are ready for a quote, request one online or give us a call at 937-240-2206. 

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