The Road to a New Roof

Finding the right roofing contractor, the right season and more!

The road to a new roof takes strategic planning and thought as a home or business owner. As a long term investment, planning has many stages. The right roofing contractor will help you work through the challenges of each stage from identification, setting a budget, and organizing a timeline. Enterprise Roofing is sharing tips to begin the journey.

Why Roof Replacement Shouldn’t Wait

The first step is to determine when it’s time to replace your roof. Many homeowners tend to procrastinate on a replacement. Delaying replacement or repairs may cause damage to the value of your home as well as the inside of your home. Talk to a roofing contractor to identify the telltale signs that your roof is due for a replacement. If the roof is over 20 years old, we encourage you to get an evaluation even if there are no EXTERNAL signs that it’s ready for a replacement.

Prepare for The New Roof

Set a budget that works for your home or business by working backward. How? Use our roof replacement calculator to estimate the average cost of your repair. Then, determine what desired elements of your new roof are non-negotiable. Work closely with your roofing contractor to find a roof style and design that is perfect for your needs. Most importantly, be sure to budget and save money when you can for large and costly improvements or emergencies.

Schedule the Right Season

If you can, be sure to time your roof replacement for a season with mild weather. Warmer months are the most optimal for contractors to work on your roof. If your roofing project is for your home, it’s a great time for your family to take day trips out of the house and enjoy the weather while the work’s being done. For commercial roofs, your roofing contractor will work with you to coordinate a schedule and plan that minimized disruptions and maximizes the experience of your new roof.

Build the Right Roofing Team

Finding the right roofing team for your home or business takes research. The best research is the testimony of the neighbors and businesses around you. Ask locals about their experiences and what they recommend. Having a local contractor ensures that you can be supported in case of a disaster that leaves your home or business in an emergency.

The Enterprise Roofing Way

Our team aims to make the roof replacement process easy and enjoyable. From quoting to working on the roof, we’re here to support you in taking on this project. Enterprise Roofing is the Dayton area’s most trusted and reliable partner for commercial roofing renovations and repairs. You can find inspiration from our recent projects here. If you are ready for a quote, request one online or give us a call at 937-240-2206.

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