Roof Inspection Checklist

Knowing when it’s time to call in the professionals can be a tough decision when it comes to roof repair, but it’s also an important one. Any roof repairs not properly dealt with after the first sign of breakdown can very quickly turn costly and dangerous. Regular inspection of your roof can prevent help to prevent more serious situations, such as leaks or ice damns. Use this checklist while making routine home inspections.


Continuity of roof covering

-      Are there severe blistering, curled or split shingles?

-      Are there loose, missing or exposed nails?

-      Are there black areas on an asphalt or slate roof?

-      Are there broken or loose shingles or tiles?

-      Do the shingles have broken seals?

-      Is there excessive granule loss?

-      Are there cracks on the chimney?

-      Is there heavy debris?

-      Are shingles sagging over the edge?

-      Is there any deterioration on the fascia?


-      Are the gutters sagging?

-      Are there any leaks?

-      Are the downspouts securely in place and carrying water away from the house?


-      Is the flashing damaged or missing?

-       Are there signs of missing caulk?

-       Is it rusting or corroding?


In the attic

-      Is any of the wood in the attic soft or damaged?

-      Are there any signs of leaks in the attic?

-      Is there any structural distress?

-      Are there cracks on the roof sheathing?

-      Is there proper ventilation?

-      Is there any sagging between rafters?

Inside the home

-      Is there water penetration on walls and ceilings?

-      Is there any outside light coming through?

-      Are there any leaks or openings around vents, chimneys or other unintended holes?

If you can find any of these issues in your home, contact a roofing service today. Enterprise Roofing has proudly served the Miami Valley region since 1926. If you are located in this region, call us at 937-298-8664 and we will send one of our quality workmen to give you a free consultation immediately.

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