Roof Wind Damage: How to Spot It

Know what to look for when inspecting your roof after strong winds and storms.

When storms or high winds pass through, your roof protects you from the outside elements. Ohio is especially prone to severe winds that can cause property damage. The effects of a wind storm can damage your roof, with or without rain and hail, that may not be noticeable until issues arise in the future.

The best course of action after a strong wind blows through is to ensure your roof has not taken any damage in order to catch any problems before they get worse. This way you can contact your local roofing experts to schedule a time for a full inspection and make and neded repairs.

Inspect Shingles for Wind Damage

After the storm has gone by, head outside and take a look at your roof the best you can. Check on the condition of your shingles and see if there is any obvious damage that you can diagnose yourself. Look for broken or missing shingles and whether any have landed in your yard. Be sure to pay special attention to the corners and edges of the roof since those are most prone to sustain damage.

If it is safe to do so, set up a ladder and take a closer look. Try to see whether any shingles are curling up or whether any have lost their top “sandpaper” layers. Do not try to climb up onto the roof itself, but instead schedule a roofing expert to come out and inspect for further damage.

Gutters and Interior Damage

Before heading back indoors, go around the perimeter of your house and check on your gutters and downspouts for any wind damage. Gutters that have been impaired will cause water to drain incorrectly and could harm your foundation.

Check for any broken or sagging sections, or for gutters that have been entirely detached from the house. In addition, make sure that the brackets holding up your gutters are stable and not bent or unsteady.

Once back inside, take a look at your ceilings, floors and especially your attic for stains or moisture coming in. Leaks are important to catch right away, and chances are that they will show up in your attic first.

Expert Inspection and Repairs

Use this checklist to help pinpoint all the possible problem areas for wind damage:

• Broken shingles
• Missing shingles
• Curling or lost top layers on shingles
• Stress areas at corners and edges of roof
• Broken or sagging gutters
• Detached gutters
• Mounting brackets
• Indoor leaks

Once you have inspected as much on your own as you can, it’s time to call in a professional. You likely won’t need to replace your entire roof, but it is wise to take care of repairs as soon as possible before further damage is caused. Even if you couldn’t find any visible damage yourself, be sure to take precautions and schedule a professional inspection.

Enterprise Roofing ready to come out to your home and inspect your roof and help with repairs. Request a quote today or call us at 937-453-3933 for a free roof evaluation.

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