Roofing in Dayton: What to Know

Enterprise Roofing can help you prepare your roof for Ohio’s ever-changing weather.

If you want to experience all four seasons, just come to Ohio for a day.

Dayton, OH is susceptible to all kinds of weather. With rain, sunshine, snow, hail and everything in between, these unpredictable weather patterns can wreak havoc on your roof, impacting you and your loved ones. Enterprise Roofing’s 90 years of experience ensures that we know what to do when inclement weather has its own plans for your roofing infrastructure.


Dayton is no stranger to storms. Hail is a vicious culprit, and high-speed winds can cause serious damage as well. The subsequent curling and lifting of the shingles can leave your roof exposed to the rain that often follows. Wind can be even more of a problem if your home is surrounded by trees. Friction caused by trees rubbing up against a roof, or debris getting into gutters, can be detrimental to the roof’s structural integrity. It’s essential to regularly trim your trees so they don’t aggravate, or further progress, problems with your roof.


For kids in Dayton, snow means the possibility of a day off from school, sledding and snowball fights with friends. But for parents and adults, it means a litany of concerns for their cars, utility bills, and of course, their roofs. Snow and ice can clog gutters, and the moisture can fast track already-existing problems. Bundle up and brave the cold; you should make sure everything on top of your house is intact to keep everything under it safe.


Summer is the universal time to relax. It’s wonderful to walk outside and feel the warm sunshine on your face after months of bitter cold. However, that sunshine can impose serious problems for your roof. Brutal heat can lead to expansion of materials, and the swelling (during the day) and contraction (at night) can weaken the existing shingles. Summer can leave your roof brittle, substandard and not up to par to deal with the inevitable winter weather that always follows.

There is no getting around it: Dayton, OH deals with its fair share of weather patterns. Enterprise Roofing’s experience in repairs, both small and large, make us the premier roofing contractor in the Miami Valley Region. If you need a professional to look at your roof for an existing problem (or even better, before one arises), call 937-453-3933.

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