Top Roofing Trends from 2021

Roofing technology continues to evolve, bringing new materials and trends each year. 2021 was no different, bringing new looks and functionality to commercial and residential landscapes.

Your roof serves to protect your home and enhance your home’s overall aesthetic. There are several trending roof technologies in the market right now that are working to lower costs, withstand heavy weather, and improve a building’s appearance. If you are planning to replace or make additions to your current roof, switching things up with a newer roofing advancement can add value to your home.

Trending Roof Systems for My Home

Metal Roofs

Metal roofing options have been around for a long time, and they’re increasing in popularity. While they used to be primarily used for industrial settings or barns, the scope of their function is widening to include residential as well.

Metal materials are durable. They withstand severe weather and storm damage, meaning that they are low maintenance and have a long lifespan. On average, metal roofs last between 40-70 years. Metal also acts as an effective insulator, protecting from heat and sun rays. With several styles, colors, and types of metal to choose from, this roofing system saves on costs over the long run and is environmentally friendly.

Cool Roofs

This newer technology is ideal for hot climates where the type of roof and insulation used can make all the difference to keep interior temperatures low. Cool roofs are made of either reflective paint, coverings, tile, or shingles. The material absorbs sun rays and reflects wavelengths to keep heat out of the building.

A cool roof can reduce inside temperatures by as much as 50 degrees. This leads to energy and cost savings; not only does your AC run less, but you can also radiate solar energy. Even better, you may not have to replace your entire roof, since there are cool roof coatings that protect your existing roof from UV light.

Solar Roofs

Many buildings, especially commercial structures, are adopting solar roofing as alternative energy source and to reduce electricity usage. Stylistically, solar panels or solar shingles can mimic the appearance of traditional roofing. By harvesting your own energy, you can increase your building’s efficiency and lessen the impact to the environment and your budget. Modern solar options are attractive and can make a positive appearance on a home.

Green Roofs

Primarily used for commercial buildings, green roofs combine a beautiful aesthetic with practical, eco-friendly benefits. A green roof uses plant life on the roof’s exterior, providing an extra layer of insulation and saving on energy costs. The plant life on a green roof absorbs rainwater that otherwise might pool or flood areas below the roof and it also cools the building through natural shade. Compared to other roofing options, this system is very durable and does not require much maintenance.

Mixed Materials

One of the latest roofing trends is to combine different roofing materials, especially metal and shingles, to reap the benefits of both materials. This combination provides a positive visual impact while also lowering overall cost. The aesthetic of metal can highlight important features such aslike awnings or porch roofs and still provide cost-effective advantages of shingles on the rest of the roof.

Flat Roofs

As a material, flat roofing is seeing a rise in popularity and installations. This style offers a sleek, modern appearance and tends to cost less for initial installation. Homeowners can have more flexibility with other features such as roof decks, green roofs, or solar panels. However, flat roofs may not be the most suitable option for areas with severe weather as they likely won’t last as long in harsher climates as a sloped roof.

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