Winter Roofing Woes and How To Escape Them

How is your roof holding up this winter? Harsh weather hasn’t hit the Dayton area yet, but the next few months are notorious for accumulating snow and ice buildup that can affect your roofing system. If your roof was inspected and repaired back in the fall, you are well-prepared for winter’s unpredictability. Even if you’ve taken all necessary precautions, you should still consider worst-case scenarios for your roof and how to handle them before the professionals arrive.

Leaking can occur in the winter when heavy snow starts to melt on your roof. Finding the source of the leak is the most challenging part to fixing a leaky roof. Water can enter in one place and run down another before it starts soaking through the ceiling.
How To Handle: Attempt to locate the leak and mark the area before we get there. If you are having trouble locating the source of the leak, check the following places around your roof for moisture or damage:
• Rubber seals around vent pipes, air vents, and exhaust fans
• Flashing
• Shingles
• Gutters and downspouts
• Dormer valleys

Ice Dams
Ice dams are formed when your roof is warm and melts snow that has accumulated on your roof. The melted snow then freezes on your roof overhang and ice accumulates, forming a dam. Melted snow water continues to trickle down to the overhang and backs up behind it, flowing under the shingles and potentially into your house.
How to Handle: Avoid hammering down ice dams and throwing salt on them. Try blowing cold air at the ice dam with a box fan from a window in your attic until we arrive. You can also try to remove the ice dam with a long-handled roof rake while you stand on the ground.

Failing Gutters
Gutters protect your home from exposure to ice and snow in the winter. Failing gutters occur when ice and snow accumulates over gutters that are filled with leaves and other debris. Failing gutters can result in leaking, running water into the home, roof structural damage, or roof collapse.
How to Handle: Routinely inspect and maintain your gutters, especially after ice or snow storms. If you notice failure, call us for repair!

Call us at (937) 298-8664 if you need immediate roof inspection or repair. Immediate attention is essential to prevent further damage to your roof.

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