Residential Siding Services in Dayton, Ohio

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Choosing Replacement Siding for your Dayton Home


Our residential siding services do more than improve the look of your house. We can help you remove hazards like mold or dry rot, save on energy costs and take preventative measures against future damage. Our licensed and experienced professionals can help you determine the best option for your home and your budget. Whether you’ve had recent storm damage or are ready for a style update, Enterprise Roofing is your community’s trusted partner for all your residential siding and roofing needs.


What Siding is Right for Your Home?


For many homeowners, getting fresh siding is a chance to take a look at the home’s exterior and choose something they truly love. Your preferred color scheme can be used to create a look that is uniquely yours and add significant curb appeal to your home.

Not sure what you like? The Enterprise team is made up of skilled designers and technicians and can help you choose the right look for your home, starting with the material and color scheme. Get in touch to set up a time to talk about your needs and discover the style and palette that appeals to you and that will enhance your home.

You have several options when it comes to siding for your home; learning more about the different residential siding types helps you choose the materials you like best and that suit your budget. At Enterprise - your trusted siding contractors - we have experience working with many siding options, including:


Vinyl Siding


Affordable and low maintenance, vinyl siding stands up to both heat and cold, making it a good choice for Dayton homeowners. Vinyl is durable, never needs painting and can even mimic more expensive materials. Overall, this siding option is extremely popular and low maintenance.


Wood Siding


The natural option and a traditional, classic favorite. When you opt for wood siding, you can choose from a variety of wood types and forms. Shingles, planks and board-and-batten styles are all available for your home.

While wood’s natural beauty and unique look make it a prized material for siding, it does require more maintenance than other options. The extra time needed for upkeep and maintenance should be considered when you opt for wood.


Composite Siding


Composite siding offers the best of both worlds. With this unique product, you get the beauty and refined look of wood and the durability and low maintenance of vinyl. This adds up to a stunning siding for your home that requires little maintenance and upkeep yet retains its good looks, year after year.

Please contact us to hear about other siding options that are also available. The types listed above are most often chosen for their beauty, durability and affordability by Dayton homeowners.


Siding Installation Matters


No matter what color and material you choose, the siding you’ve selected needs to be installed properly to provide lasting value for your home. At Enterprise, we take great pride in our technicians and installers; we meticulously assess every project we complete before we are ready to consider it “done.”

Your installation matters in more ways than one. Properly installed siding is more resistant to damage and more insulating for your home. Better insulation can help lower your energy costs and improve your home’s efficiency, too. You'll love not having to worry about siding repair in the future and being able to enjoy the "just installed" look of your new siding for years to come.


Get Professional Siding Replacement in Dayton


Whether you need to replace aging siding, want a fresh new look for your home or have had storm damage that needs to be repaired, we can help. From selecting the right materials and colors for your home to providing you with expert, custom installation, our team is ready to partner with you to do work that you’ll love. Get in touch today to learn more and to discover just how easy it is to give your home a fresh, new look